Our Rights And Duties

  • Sovereignty: The people of Black Mesa oppose the mine and the use of the only water source on Black Mesa
  • Human Rights: Depleting our water means Peabody has denied any other life on Black Mesa except the mine. Black Mesa residents have been excluded in the negotiations regarding the Resources of Black Mesa. Peabody Coal Company must respect the request and concerns of the people of Black Mesa.
  • Freedom of Religion: By the time the N-Aquifer was depleted by 1%, the draw down was significant enough to prevent springs and other natural water outlets from producing water to the surface of the earth. For centuries, these water sources have been sites of ceremonies and offerings, for the very reason that they produce water and sustain life.
  • Environmental Justice: Black Mesa residence face 30 years of Environmental impacts to the land from the coal mining as well as water mining. To save the environment, the pumping must stop.

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