About Us

To Nizhoni Ani (TNA) “Beautiful Sacred Water Speaks”, is a grassroots organization which originated just east of Big Mountain, on the Navajo (Dine’) Nation in Northeast Arizona. It is the first environmental organization based in the heart of Black Mesa and serves as a voice, eyes and ears for the people of the region. It is an organization for Dine’, by Dine’ on Dine’


To Nizhoni Ani’s mission is to preserve and protect the environment, land, water, sky and people and advocate for the wise and responsible use of the natural resources of Black Mesa.


Preservation of Black Mesa Water

  • End the use of the N-Aquifer water for coal slurry and investigate alternative methods of transporting coal.
  • Advocate adoption of water conservation program for all tribal, federal and state subsidized housing, schools and businesses.


  • Sponsor community presentations, seminars, and special events to educate stakeholders and carry out mission of TNA
  • Encourage elders, teachers and parents to teach water ethics.
  • Assist schools in creating water education curriculum and teacher training.


  • Build infrastructure of organization.


Water is a precious resource. It must be used wisely. It is not unlimited. The health of the aquifer is directly related to the health of the water cycle on Black Mesa. TNA opposes the use of drinking water (N-Aquifer & C-Aquifer) to slurry coal.

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